The Bugrocket Manifesto


Let Developers be Developers

Are you trying to keep watch over developers or free them to do what they do best? These are two very different mentalities. We found other tools fell too far on the 'keeping watch' side of the spectrum. By combining too much project management with bug tracking those tools pushed too much administrivia onto the developers' already busy plate. This was seriously limiting for our team. It interrupted our coding, kept pulling us out of our productive zone, and ultimately felt less empowering. Our mentality is "find good people, get out of their way, and let them do their job." Hard to do this if you're constantly asking people when they're going to be done with their work. We built Bugrocket with this mentality. We wanted a tool that reduced barriers to communication and empowered our team to be more productive on their own terms.


Rigid Process is Suffocating

Does a single methodology solve all your development and project management needs? Maybe, but that wasn't our experience. We found that other tools we tried forced us to adopt their method for project management. The problem was their methods weren't always applicable to our team or the stage of our project. As a result we found ourselves wasting time on unnecessary roadmap planning, status updates and project management tasks. We're a small team and use a lean process of iterative development. Spending time constantly updating status just gave us more unproductive work to do. We built Bugrocket to be open. It does not force any process on you. It is just a tool to be used as you see fit and with whatever project management process works for you.


Effective Tools are Simple

How much time do you really need to spend learning how to use and maintain your bug tracking tools? Ideally, very little. Unfortunately, that wasn't our experience when we tried other tools. We were frustrated by the time it took to setup projects and by the extraordinary amount of extra features that seemed to get in our way. Bug tracking was not a complicated problem for us. We didn't need software that did everything. Just the basics. We built Bugrocket to be a straightforward tool. It doesn't require instructions. It does what you think it will do. And it makes your life easier. If you want more features, you can ask, but we probably won't build them. It's for your own good.